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MEC Head Office

Our Head Office is a converted building formerly used as an auto parts warehouse. The structure was adapted to incorporate its existing materials and many additional fixtures were salvaged from other buildings.

We're excited to be building a new, energy-efficient Head Office in the False Creek Flats area of Vancouver. We plan to move in 2014; you can find out more here.

MEC's Head Office

Contact Information

Regular hours are from Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm (PT)

Phone: 604.707.3300

Fax: 604.731.6483


149 West 4th Avenue,
Vancouver BC V5Y 4A6

Getting There

New Head Office

View of new MEC Head Office from the south-east corner (Great Northern Way and Glenn Drive)

MEC believes healthy, fun, and inspiring workplaces create the conditions for people to do their best work. We provide our employees with the space, tools, and equipment they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently, and we aim to embody our culture and values in our workspaces.

It's simple, really. Running a $300-million retail co-operative that serves more than 3.5 million members is a huge undertaking. And if our employees love where they work, then they happily support our members to live active outdoor lifestyles.

With that in mind, we're taking on a big, bold 'green' project: designing and building a new MEC head office.

Location and approach

Faced with the prospect of outgrowing our existing head office, we've been planning for a new head office since 2008. In January 2012, the City of Vancouver approved our proposal to build a 112,000-sq.-ft. LEED®-certified head office facility in False Creek Flats (1077 Great Northern Way, next to the VCC-Clark Skytrain Station).

We're proud that our new head office will incorporate our culture and values. Some key features include:

  • Energy efficiency: Overall energy efficiency will be 70 percent better than conventional buildings.
  • Water efficiency: A cistern on the roof will collect rainwater, providing 80 percent of the water needed to flush toilets. Rain gardens on the grounds will reduce the amount of soil and debris that go into storm sewers.
  • Natural light: Floor-to-ceiling windows will flood the interior with daylight. Keeping the building narrow improves daylighting.
  • Natural materials: Laminated timber beams and columns, joined and braced with steel fittings, will make up the building structure. Floor assemblies will be made of prefabricated modular wood panels.
  • Fresh air: Perimeter windows that open and a system for drawing in and distributing outside air will provide fresh air throughout the building.
  • Extensive landscaping: Drought and water-tolerant native plants, situated in and around a series of rain gardens, will evoke the site's ecological history. Logs, boulders, and boardwalks will give the grounds character.

Amenities for employees will include a storage room for 128 bikes, shower and change facilities, a yoga studio, an indoor climbing wall as well as areas to socialize and relax.

When it's complete, the new facility will be home to all MEC's head office functions - from product design and IT to human resources and finance – as well as our service centre staff. In all, some 300 people will work there.

Work on our new head office began in February 2013. We expect (and can hardly wait) to move in sometime in summer 2014.