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Field Testing

Our gear testing program lets us refine the details of MEC designs as well as test different fabrics and materials by giving them a real-world thrashing. And, it just makes sense to set up the tents where they'll weather some storms and toss the wetsuits into the surf to see how they come out.

Meet some of the people who've been shredding, pounding, and generally abusing their MEC gear.

Uplink Jacket product video

Uplink Jacket: Product Video

Katy shows us why the MEC Uplink Jacket is one of her new favourite pieces of gear.

Discovery Channel's Profile of MEC gear testing

Test Trek

It's a dirty job but he's up for the challenge. Gord Betenia, MEC's lead gear tester, logs some backcountry work hours.

Julie Matteau

Running in Ski Boots

Usually ski mountaineering races involve skinning up and skiing down, sometimes they include a mass sprint out of the start gate.

Tough Love

When the Road Is Long

A long-distance cyclist and trail runner, Keith puts 500-600km each month on his cycling gear and another 160-220km a month on his running clothes.

Smoking Volcanoes

Smoking Volcanoes – Part I

"Our gear was getting baked and mouldy at the same time." Janick and Pierre cycled the Pacific Rim, past active volcanoes, through swamps and deserts, with 50kg of gear strapped to their bikes.

Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle – Part II

You might think it was the incessant mosquito attacks on the taiga, or riding through the world's densest grizzly population, but their greatest adversity came from red tape.

Cerro Pollone

Cerro Pollone

For Katy, conditions in the field were rime-covered rock, iced-up gear, whiteout blizzards, and wind – lots and lots of wind.

Note: Sorry, MEC is not currently seeking new gear testers.