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MEC Design Philosophy

Product Development

Our design principles guide every step of the product development process. From the initial concept to the arrival in stores, it can take 18 months to develop and refine a new product. It takes even longer when we're researching fabrics or introducing new technologies. Keeping these principles forefront in our minds helps keep us focused on building the best products we can.


Design is the first step to building our members' trust.


MEC's brand promise is first and foremost one of quality and integrity. Quality is designed into every product.


The goal behind an MEC product is to inspire the user and enhance their experience.


MEC's product design meets the functional requirements of our current and future members through the use of appropriate resources and technology.


MEC design is functional and intuitive in both line and form.


MEC designs incorporate social and environmental responsibility as an inherent part of our conceptual thinking.


MEC design responds to the evolution of our membership.