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The Board of Directors are elected stewards of MEC. They govern MEC on behalf of the members according to our Rules of Co-operation and the BC Co-operative Association Act.

When you buy a share in MEC you become a shareholder and customer all rolled into one, making shopping at MEC a unique experience. You influence MEC's direction through democratic Board elections. The elected Board, on behalf of all members, is responsible for safeguarding MEC's assets and navigating its future direction. Ultimately, the Board is responsible for MEC's strategic direction and overall performance. And by adhering to good governance practices, the Board ensures MEC has the capability to accomplish its future goals and to abide by our values.

MEC has grown into a complex organization over the past 40 years. The Board's work in overseeing and evaluating the performance of the organization is also complex. Our governance practices create the conditions for sound decision-making that is consistent, responsive, and accountable to members.

Our Board makes decisions with the long term interests of MEC in mind, and is committed to open and transparent communication with members.