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Things that matter

What matters to you? Is it how our products are made? How much waste gets recycled? Whether or not items are in stock? Our Accountability Report summary tells you how we did in 2013 in the areas you – and we – care about.

Design KPI: Bluesign®-approved materials

Bluesign®-approved materials

Materials in MEC clothes and sleeping bags that were bluesign approved to lessen our impact on the environment.

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Manufacturing KPI: Improving factory conditions

Factories that meet or exceed expectations

In 2013, we made our Code of Conduct standards more stringent.

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Factories with unacceptable violations

We're working with them to remediate these issues.

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Operations KPI: Waste diversion rate

Waste diversion rate

The amount of waste we recycled, donated or composted.

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Members KPI: Activity and satisfaction levels

Active members

Members who made a purchase at MEC over the year.

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Member satisfaction

Members who were satisfied or very satisfied with service in MEC stores.

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Community KPI: Community contributions

Community contributions

Amount that went to environmental groups and projects as part of our 1% for the Planet commitment.

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Financials KPI: Annual sales

Annual sales

That's a lot of gear – thanks for supporting your Co-op.

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Design KPI: Environmentally preferred materials

Environmentally preferred materials

Products we carried that were completely PVC-free, or had at least 50% recycled, organic cotton, or bluesign-approved content.

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Operations KPI: Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

Greenhouse gas emissions from transporting products, our facilities, and business flights.

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Employees KPI: Employee engagement

Employee Engagement

We scored well in social and environmental responsibility, work-life balance, and learning and development.

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Members KPI: In-stock rating

In-stock rating

93 times out of 100, the product a member wanted was available to buy.

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Community KPI: Funding by area

Funding by area

Community grants that went to projects that supported both conservation and activity/access goals.

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Financials KPI: Inventory turnover

Inventory turnover

How many times we sold through and replaced our inventory.

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