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Indicators Trend 2012 Target 2012 Actual 2013 Target
Design: Improve our environmental footprint
Percentage of MEC-brand apparel materials that are bluesign approved
50% 53% Increase
Number of product styles with environmental attributes
Increase 724 Increase
Manufacturing: Improve workers' lives
Percentage of MEC-brand factories that meet or exceed expectations
n/a Benchmark   46% 50%
Percentage of MEC-brand factories with unacceptable violations
Toward Zero 13% Toward Zero
Operations: Improve our environmental performance
Total GHG emissions in tCO2e (scope: product transportation, facilities, corporate travel, employee commuting, and paper)
20% below 2007 6,770 Decrease
Diversion rate as a percentage diverted from landfill
At least 92% 92% At least 92%
Employees: Be an outstanding employer
Overall Hewitt employee opinion survey score
72%* 64%* 70%
Members: Ensure high member satisfaction
Percentage of members who made a purchase at MEC in the past year
33.1% 32.5% 33.3%
Percent of members who are satisfied or very satisfied (store, web)
86% 84.8% 87%
In-stock service level rating (weighted average by availability of units)
92% 93.5% 95%
Community: Protect places and enable active people
Total community contributions in millions of dollars
1% of Sales (Previous Year) $2.06 1% of Sales (Previous Year)
Contributions supporting wilderness conservation as well as outdoor activity and access
40% 41% 50%
Financials: Invest resources for a healthy future
Total sales
2.5% Increase $302 Increase
Average annual inventory turns
2.3 2.12 2.26
Governance: Make decisions with members in mind
Voter participation rate
1%** 0.55%** TBD***
Percentage of members who trust MEC to make decisions with their best interests in mind
88% 83% TBD

* 2011 Figure
** 2013 Figure
*** 2014 Target