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What Matters and Why

Photo: David Bishop

Do more with less by economically using resources to meet member needs and support MEC's business success.

Our Goals:

  • To measurably improve the environmental performance and efficiency of our retail operations, particularly around energy, carbon, water, and waste, toward net zero impact
  • To lead in responsible retailing in Canada

As a co-op that sells outdoor gear, our success is tied to a healthy natural environment, and we know that everything we do has an impact. In our retail operations, we have a great degree of control over that impact.

Operations includes the systems, infrastructure, and processes required to provide members with the right product and services, at the right time, in the right place, at the right price. It includes product transportation and logistics, as well as the development and operations of physical and e-commerce stores.

We aim to manage our retail operations in a way that reduces environmental impacts and improves social benefits. We strive to do more with less by economically using resources in ways that meet member needs and support MEC’s business success.

How We Do It

We take steps to reduce our carbon footprint from product transportation, facilities energy use, employee commuting, and business flights, tracking this work on a quarterly basis. We are also working to formally incorporate carbon considerations into our decision-making processes. We chose to stop reporting on energy consumption as a separate indicator, because we are primarily concerned about the emissions associated with our energy use, which is captured as part of our carbon footprint.

We have a comprehensive Green Building System that considers new and retrofit building performance, as well as ongoing operations. We track our waste footprint and continually reduce materials used, to divert all possible materials from the landfill. And we're implementing a responsible non-inventory purchasing policy and program for everything we buy that we don't sell at the stores (e.g., office supplies, computers, furniture). We consistently challenge ourselves to find new and creative ways to reduce our impact from product transportation, buildings, and operations.