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Community Contributions

We are inspired by adventure. Adventure is about being active, pushing boundaries, reaching for our goals and dreams. It's about finding places that fuel our passions and sustain the planet, about taking a stand on the places that matter. From urban neighbourhoods to the awe-inspiring beauty of Canada's wild spaces, adventures lead us around the block, off the beaten path, or all the way off the map.

MEC helps keep space for adventure by conserving ecologically and recreationally important places and by inspiring and enabling Canadians to be active outside.

Conserving Places

Conserving Places

We commit to: Conserving the ecologically and recreationally important places where we adventure and that sustain us

We envision:

  • There are always places to play, inspire, and sustain us
  • The ecological integrity of Canada's places is the best in the world
  • Every community has high-quality places for outdoor activity
  • Canada's outdoor places are celebrated

Enabling People

Enabling People

We commit to: Inspiring and enabling Canadians to experience nature and lead active outdoor lives

We envision:

  • Everyone has enjoyable outdoor experiences
  • People have the skills and community to be active outdoors
  • Outdoor culture is strong and vibrant, with leaders that inspire
  • Canada's outdoor culture is celebrated

We achieve these goals through grants and product donations, our national and regional partnerships, and outreach and advocacy programs.

MEC is a member of 1% For The Planet and we invest one percent of our annual revenue to environmental causes. All investments made through MEC's Community Contributions program are compliant with 1% For The Planet criteria.

Grant and Product Donation Categories

  • Grassroots Product Donations

    Enables conservation/access groups to raise funds or reward volunteers through product donations or gift cards.

  • Access and Activity

    Supports initiatives and infrastructure projects that inspire and enable people to be active outdoors through product donations and funding.

  • Advocacy and Awareness

    Supports important conservation campaigns and initiatives through funding.

  • Capacity Building

    Strengthens the effectiveness of conservation and outdoor activity organizations through funding.

  • Land Acquisition

    Funding helps to conserve ecologically and/or recreationally significant landscapes.

  • Expedition Support

    Supports expeditions that are exploratory in nature, unique in approach, geographically remote, and/or technically difficult through product donations and funding.

Apply for Support

Please complete our online application to request product donations or grants through our Community Contributions program.

Expedition Support applications must be emailed. For details and to apply, see our Expedition Support page.

Annual Application Deadlines

Due to the high volume of applicants, late submissions will not be reviewed.

  • Land Acquisition, Capacity Building, Advocacy and Awareness, and Access and Activity

    Spring Cycle

    Application deadline: March 10 (midnight Pacific Time)
    Applicants notified: mid-May

    Fall Cycle

    Application deadline: September 10 (midnight Pacific Time)
    Applicants notified: mid-November

  • Grassroots Product Donations

    Applications are accepted anytime and take up to six weeks to process.

  • Expedition Support

    Application deadline is February 1, May 1, and October 1 (midnight Pacific Time) and takes up to six weeks to process.


Please review our FAQs. If you have additional questions please call or email:

Telephone: 1.866.632.3863