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Application for MEC Support

MEC's Community Contributions program supports:

  • Impactful and strategic grassroots, not-for-profit organizations (registered charitable status is not required)
  • Outcome-oriented projects that focus on conserving ecologically or recreationally important places
  • Outcome-oriented projects that focus on inspiring and enabling people to experience nature and be active outdoors in one or more of the following core activities that MEC supports: cycling, hiking, running, climbing, paddling, yoga, skiing and snowshoeing.

MEC's Community Contributions program does not support:

  • Governmental organizations, including organizations that receive core funding from the government
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Individuals (with the exception of Expedition Support)
  • Illegal activities
  • Projects outside of Canada
  • Projects that focus primarily on fundraising for medical causes
  • Event sponsorship (to inquire about event sponsorship, email
  • Playground structures
  • Gardening or agricultural activities

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