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Capacity Building

Through Capacity Building grants ranging from $5,000 to $35,000, MEC supports grassroots conservation organizations and activity-based organizations by providing funding that will help strengthen their effectiveness.

To keep space for adventure, Canada needs strong, resilient and active non-governmental organizations who advocate for the conservation of our land and water, and help people experience activity outdoors.

Evaluation Criteria

Your organization:

  • Has a strong record in one or both of the following:
    • conservation of ecologically significant areas
    • outdoor activity (one or more of the following core activities that MEC supports: cycling, hiking, running, climbing, paddling, yoga, skiing and snowshoeing)
  • Is strategic, builds public involvement and support, focuses on root causes, accomplishes specific goals and outcomes, and takes a collaborative approach.

Your project:

  • Clearly articulates why this capacity building is important and how it will increase your organization's strategic or operational effectiveness
  • Demonstrates that the necessary expertise to implement the increased capacity will be used
  • Demonstrates how key leaders in your organization will be involved in successful implementation
  • Has a plan in place to sustain your organization's increased capacity beyond the grant term
  • Leverages the ability of your organization to pursue goals and outcomes through one or more of the following:
    • Investment in technology
    • Training and development of key staff, exceptional volunteers or board members in areas such as leadership skills, strategic planning, governance, fundraising or financial management, public and political engagement and communications, data management and data-driven strategies
    • Engaging in partnerships and alliances, with a focus on increasing the capacity for groups to collectively mobilize, and/or engaging groups outside the direct environmental movement to build non-traditional allies
  • States measurable goals and outcomes
  • Has goals that are attainable within the one-year grant term.

How to Apply

MEC conducts two grant cycles annually. Please complete our online application to request a Capacity Building grant through the MEC Community Contributions program.

Spring Cycle

Application deadline: March 10 (midnight Pacific Time)
Applicants notified: mid-May

Fall Cycle

Application deadline: September 10 (midnight Pacific Time)
Applicants notified: mid-November