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Expedition Support

MEC has proudly made contributions to some very inspiring and successful expeditions. Our members have pioneered new routes, stood atop the highest peaks, and paddled challenging rivers across the country and around the world. We support expeditions because we are inspired by the stories of the most adventurous among us, and want to help Canadians push their boundaries and reach for their goals. Their accomplishments, challenges, and stories inspire us all to keep space for adventure.

Criteria for Expedition Support

  • Expeditions must focus on one or more of the following self-propelled outdoor activities MEC supports: cycling, hiking, trail-running, climbing, paddling, backcountry skiing, or snowshoeing
  • Expeditions must be exploratory in nature and/or unique in approach or style: first ascent/descent, completely self-propelled door to door
  • Expeditions must be geographically remote and/or technically difficult
  • Expedition members must be Canadian
  • Expedition participants must be active members of MEC (have purchased or rented from MEC in the previous two years)
  • Expedition participants must be extensively prepared, through both physical training and gear preparation
  • Expedition participants must be self-reliant and carry appropriate safety gear and communication devices relevant for the location and activity
  • Participants minimize environmental impacts and practice safe, responsible use of the outdoors

The Expedition Support Program Does Not Support:

  • Organized races or events
  • Guided trips
  • School trips
  • Trips whose primary focus is to raise funds for causes
  • Illegal activities

Application Guidelines

Please include the following information in your application:

  • An introduction to expedition participants, including their relevant qualifications and experience, MEC member number, and contact information
  • Trip summary (one paragraph), including trip title, objective, start date, return date, and location
  • Detailed trip description, including how the expedition and participants meet each of the criteria listed above
  • Link to relevant blog or web pages
  • Names of other expedition sponsors and/or relevant athletic sponsors
  • Trip budget including all trip expenses
  • Requested amount of funding and/or gear from MEC. Gear requests should include specific items required including product name and price
  • A description and/or example of the capacity within the expedition team to provide high-quality, video and/or photographic images
  • A description of how you plan to communicate about the expedition, including published photos, slide shows, articles, etc.


In return for support, MEC requires the following:

  • A trip report submitted to MEC for use in social media channels,, or print advertising
  • Photographs and/or video portraying MEC brand gear in use during the expedition submitted to MEC for use in social media channels,, or print advertising
  • MEC is acknowledged in any communication about the expedition including published photos, slide shows, articles, etc.
  • Expedition participants may be asked to make an audio-visual presentation to MEC staff or members.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted by email to:

Deadlines for applications are as follows:

Winter Cycle
Application deadline: February 1 (midnight Pacific Time)
Applicants notified: mid-March

Spring Cycle
Application deadline: May 1 (midnight Pacific Time)
Applicants notified: mid-June

Fall Cycle
Application deadline: October 1 (midnight Pacific Time)
Applicants notified: mid-November

The John Lauchlan Memorial Award

John Lauchlan Memorial Award

The John Lauchlan Memorial Award is a cash award designed to assist expeditions of Canadian mountaineers and explorers. The award exists to perpetuate the bold and adventurous spirit which John Lauchlan exemplified in his mountain exploits and strives to promote the development of Canadian mountaineers at an international level through the support of worthy expeditions. As part of our commitment to inspiring outdoor adventure, MEC donates $3,000 each year to support the winning expedition.