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  • image_445412

    NRS Dry Suit


    Mens XL NRS DRY SUIT Bre athable material. Like new condition - used only a few t ...

  • image_445407

    Level 6 Reign Drytop Large


    Purchased spring 2014. Li ghtly used. ...

  • image_445387

    Kids Whitewater kayak paddle


    Kids Adventure Technology (AT) whitewater kayak paddle for sale $50. Small diameter s ...

  • image_445386

    Wenonah Rougue


    Red royalex 17' Rogue (its a river boat but if a-ok for flat water). Great condition. ...

  • image_445385

    Esquif Spanish Fly


    Excellent condition. Email for pictures. Best offer. ...

  • image_445349

    Langford Prospector 16'6" Kevlar ULite


    Excellent condition. Only out on one 5 day trip. Adjustable seat, skid plates, comfortable yoke, nic ...

  • image_445347

    Wenonah Spirit II Kevlar Ulight Canoe


    Excellent condition. Used only a few times, minimal wear marks on hull. Adjustable front seat. ...

  • image_445233

    Sweet Intergalactic Drysuit


    Only used 5X/ Perfect Condition. It's XL and turns out to be a size to big for me. Pressur ...

  • image_445230

    Werner Shogun Straight Shaft

    $175.00 obo

    Werner Shogun straight shaft paddle for sale. This paddle is well used but still lots of life left ...

  • image_445252

    Pyranha InaZone 240


    A good all round whitewater kayak. This is an older model so there is some wear and tear. I live i ...

  • image_445245

    Current Designs Cadence kayak paddle


    Current Designs Cadence kayak paddle; 230 cm total length; carbon fibre construction; ...

  • image_445225

    Wenonah Black Jack Paddle


    Wenonah Black Jack Paddle; 52" long; angled blade for efficient paddling; carbon ...

  • image_445127

    MEC Fusion Shorts (Men's)


    neoprene shorts, size M. good condition. used only about 6 days on a sea-kayaking trip. ...

  • image_445145

    MEC Capilano Paddling Hood


    warm waterproof hood. used only 3 times! & #xa;sorry, no shipping! ...

  • image_445126

    MEC Pacific Pogies


    almost new! only used two days on a kayak trip ...

  • image_445110



    Wooden kayak for sale. Cuts through the water very well. Very fast yet fairly easy to turn. Very lig ...

  • image_445066



    deck.bag stern.deck.bag&#x d; map.bag&#x d; small.and. medium.gear.bag ...

  • image_445045

    Current Designs Expedition


    Kevlar. 22.5 x 18'. Comes with a paddle. Excellent condition for a 2004 boat. Maximum leg lengt ...

  • image_445028

    Waterproof Case

    $0 (FREE 9;

    Keep things (phone, money, cards, keys, electronics) safe in a hard, waterproof case. Airt ...

  • image_445006

    R5 River Runner


    R5 River Runner, excellent condition, comes with paddle,PFD, Marine Safety kit, and car top kit. Com ...

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Showing 1-20 of 115 items