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  • image_521763

    Go Trekkers Canoe Maps for Churchill R


    Five canoe map set for Churchill River: Otter Lake to Nistowiak (Iskwatam Lake, Manawan la ...

  • image_521768

    play boats for sell

    $400, 250

    I have two play boats in good shape, wave sport ezg 50 250$. Blisstick super rad 400$. ...

  • image_521577

    Jackson villain

    $500 obo

    Nice creek boat only used about 10 times. ...

  • image_521545

    Looking for a Solo River Tripping canoe


    Looking for a royalex solo tripping canoe (nova craft supernova, swift raven, esquif pocket can ...

  • image_521205

    Whitehall Spirit Solo 14 Rowboat


    2011 thermoformed slide seat rowboat with super light 9'6" carbon fibre Dreher oars on out ...

  • image_521166

    Looking for OC1 Outfitting


    Looking for outfitting for an open boat. If you have a saddle, knee pads, thigh straps or anchors l ...

  • image_521148

    Jackson Zen for Sale


    I bought this kayak new in 2012. The outfitting is in very good shape and there are no major dents ...

  • image_521068

    Want to purchase a LV, NDK Romany


    Looking to purchase a NDK Romany, LV sea kayak. Would also consider a regular sized, as opposed to t ...

  • image_520921

    Werner Player Paddle


    Werner player paddle for sale....used 5 times, in amazing condition. Switching back to canoe. Size 1 ...

  • image_520826

    Braca IV Paddle


    Braca IV Mid-Wing Paddle; carbon fiber; length 210-215 cm.; blade surface area 705 cm ...

  • image_520597

    Composite Creations - Bulldog canoe

    $1000 OBO

    Open whitewater canoe. Check it out... &# xa;http: f;/www.compo sitecre ...

  • image_520591

    Jackson Star 2013 Model


    Used maybe 10 times! Stored in my living room always. Pretty much band new. Red in color. In Co ...

  • image_520566

    NRS Zen Rescue PFD


    I've got a brand new NRS Zen Rescue PFD for sale. I got it through my college, hense the logo o ...

  • image_520177

    Jackson FUN

    $500 OBO

    For sale Jackson Fun! Great condition! Has custom "fun" float bags, sweet cheeks ...

  • image_520173

    Wanted: cheap white water spray skirt


    Hello, I have everything I need except the spray skirt, to get out on the rivers this winter. Does ...

  • image_520038

    Fluid Big Bang


    Fluid Big Bang, had very little use, only a few superficial scratches, no cracks , no oil canning, t ...

  • image_519928

    Cote Nord en kayak


    Je recherche un/e partenaire pour faire un voyage de kayak sur la Cote-Nord. &# xa; &#x ...

  • image_519847

    Row West Dri Pogies


    Set of 3 Rowing Pogies (2 sculling and one inside sweep) in excellent condition. Fleece a ...

  • image_519786

    Mad River Canoe, Explorer LT 16' SAND


    **Impecc able condition / used less than 5 times. - includes manf. statement ...

  • image_519749

    dry suit


    2 years old, used maybe 10 times, looks like new. all gaskets are in good shape, brand Kokatat, size ...

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Showing 1-20 of 34 items