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  • image_448765

    Mt mcguire Chilliwack bc


    Looking for someone with a dirt bike or enduro to rip up mcguire for friday/satur day. ...

  • image_448645

    Berg Lake


    New to hiking. Would like someone experienced to hike with next summer to Berg Lake. Someone who is ...

  • image_448431

    Backpacking the Rockies


    Hitting up as many trails as I can before the snow hits. Looking for a hiking partner to enjoy some ...

  • image_448228

    North Coast Trail (Cape Scott) late Aug.


    Experienced 38yo female backpacker/h iker looking for 1 or 2 other pple to do the North Coast T ...

  • image_448198

    Kilarney La Cloche Silhouette trail Sept


    Hi There, L ooking for hiking partner(s&#x 29; to hike Kilarney's La Cloche Silho ...

  • image_448187

    lake superior p.p. 3 + weeks


    leaving mid sept return oct. toronto to wawa... want to do as many trails as possble hopef ...

  • image_448059



    I just moved to Courtenay along with my husband and dog. We are looking to find some people to hike, ...

  • image_447966

    Round trip: Ontario to Calgary


    Driving to Calgary (eventually to Nelson), leaving from Hamilton area on Dec 4th. Stopping ...

  • image_447952

    Ride to Port Hope


    willing to offer gas money for anyone driving in that direction from Richmond Hill ...

  • image_447911

    Mount sir donald and the bugaboos


    I'll be going up mt sir donald in the first week of september. After that, it's off to the ...

  • image_447889

    In-door rope partner


    I'm looking for a rope partner to get back into routes. I've been mostly bouldering for a ...

  • image_447888



    I'm looking for a partner for 2 night trip to Abbott Pass Aug 28/29. Objective include Vi ...

  • image_447869

    Roadtrip to Yukon and Alaska


    Hi, I 7;m doing a road trip to Yukon and Alaska starting Aug30th until Sept26th with hi ...

  • image_447826

    Pemi Loop (New Hampshire) Sept 13-14


    Hiking Pemi Loop in White Mountains on Sep 13 and 14. Staying in a hotel on Sep 12 and staying in AM ...

  • image_447387

    Climbing and Hiking partners


    Saturday mornings or Thursday's at 11 am. Look ing for scrambling and climbing partner ...

  • image_447271

    See the Orcas! Broughton Islands


    Anyone like to team for seakayaking in the Broughton Islands (Vancouver Island) Aug 23rd t ...

  • image_447225

    Looking for Hiking Partner


    Looking for hiking partner to Hike Northern Presidential Trail NH on Sept 8,9 & 10 ...

  • image_447184

    Mountain buddy Vancouver Island


    Hi, I just moved to Victoria and I am looking for people I can do some hiking and (ro ...

  • image_447178

    Lake O'Hara Sept 12-14: 1 spot on bus


    36 year old male open to compatible hiking/campi ng partner to BC's Lake O'Hara in Yo ...

  • image_447168

    Backcountry Floe Lake, Rockwall


    I want to Hike upto Floe Lake , stay there for Saturday night and come back on Sunday. One of the m ...

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Showing 1-20 of 27 items