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Climbing Ambassador Chris Geisler

  • Helmcken Falls, BC. Photo: Jia Condon
  • The Long House, Squamish, BC. Photo: Jia Condon
  • Midnight Run, Squamish, BC. Photo: Jia Condon
Chris Geisler  Photo: Jason Kruk

MEC Ambassador Chris Geisler Vancouver, BC

Never one to take the easy way, Chris is an adventurer in life and in sport. He can be found vying for experience and seeking the profound richness that comes with intense effort.

He lives with his wife Robyn and daughter Sunna on the edge of the urban landscape in Vancouver. As a biochemist, ice climber, big-wall aid soloist, furniture designer, home renovator, aerial film-stunt rigger, alpine climber, rock climber, dad, and husband, he wears many hats and needs little sleep.

The cave behind Helmcken Falls is the scene for a new generation of ice climbers. Climbing on the roof, upside down, horizontal for hundreds of feet, hanging from two-ton ice stalactites – it feels like the beginning of our climbing future."