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Harnesses and Helmets

Crucial pieces of climbing gear: a harness is your link to the rope and the belayer, helmet, like all helmets, protects your most essential gear.

Climbing Harness

Choose a harness that suits the type of climbing you do. There are 3 basic designs: seat, chest, or full-body, each with different features and functions. Read more

Harness Fit (climbing)

It's best to try on a climbing harness to make sure you have a size that fits your waist and legs. Women's harnesses have different proportions in the rise, waist, and legs. Read more

Climbing Helmets

Helmets protect you against head injury and are designed to minimize the shock the rest of your body if you receive a blow to the head. Read more

Harness Care and Safety

Your safety depends on the condition of your harness and its proper use. Please follow these recommendations for use, care, and retirement to reduce potential risk. Read more