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Dressing for the Outdoors

Layers form a tiny microclimate around your body that can be adapted to moisture, wind, temperature, and exertion.

Layering Your Clothing

What's the secret to staying warm and comfortable in the outdoors? Clothes layering. Find out about base, mid, and outer layers. Read more

Trail Running Clothing

Whether you're racing summit to summit or jogging in the woods behind your house, wearing the right trail running clothes can definitely sweeten the view and ease the pain. Read more

Wool Fabric

Wool is nature's thermal fabric. Find out how it keeps you warm even when wet, and how wearing wool can mean doing less laundry. Read more

Insulated Clothing

Insulated clothing has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than a multi-layer system and is less restrictive for active use. Warmth is provided by down or synthetic fills. Read more

Technical Clothing

Rip, ride, or roam without feeling wet, bundled, or weighed down. Technical fabrics are designed for active people in all kinds of weather. Read more

Jacket Facts

Whether you're travelling fast and light on a high ridge top, or low and wet in a brush-filled gully, or merely strolling along a city street on a blustery day, there's a waterproof-breathable jacket that will fit the bill. Read more


MEC designs rainwear to protect you from every wet and rainy situation, whether it's climbing in light drizzle or hiking in a driving, persistent deluge. Read more