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Find a bike, fall in love, and ride happily ever after.

Choosing a Bike

Frame materials, geometry, and components differ on bikes designed for roads, daily commuting, long-range touring, or off-road riding. Read more

Choosing Your Frame Size

With the right frame size, you should be able to extend your leg fully while pedaling, and should comfortably reach the handlebars. Riding the wrong size can be uncomfortable or painful over time. Read more

Frame Geometry

Frame geometry has the greatest effect on how comfortable, efficient, and responsive a bike will be, but frame materials, wheels, and tires also play a role. Read more

Gears and Brakes

Once you've chosen a style of bike, you might want to think about the type of gearing and braking systems that will suit the places you ride. Read more

Adjusting Bike Seat and Handlebars

Learn how to adjust your bike seat (saddle) to the proper height, angle, and tilt, for comfortable, injury-free riding. Read more

Road Bikes: Disc or Rim Brakes?

What's the difference between rim and disc brakes? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Which is better? Read more