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Intro to Footwear

Learn how to find the fit and features to follow your own path at your own pace.

Outdoor Footwear

Pick the pair that's best for you, whether you're backpacking, day hiking, approaching a climb, or running on trails. Read more

How to choose running shoes

Whether you cruise along paved run routes or take to the forest on trails, you need to start with a pair of shoes that matches your stride and your needs. Read more

Boot Fitting

Well-fitting boots means happy feet. Know what to look for when you're fitting a new pair, and how to break them in. Read more

Trail Running Shoes

Built for moving fast on uneven terrain, these shoes are designed for runners and "fast and light" scramblers who need shock absorption and superior traction. Read more

Footwear Glossary

An extensive glossary of footwear terms. You may want to read this before picking out that perfect pair of footwear if you're not sure what benefits many of the highly advanced, cryptically named features offer. Read more

Winter Boot Temperature Rating

There is no industry standard for ratings, but we provide manufacturers' ratings when possible. Ratings assume you're actively walking or snowshoeing. When you're idle, the effective warmth of any footwear will drop. Read more