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Camping Safety

Being "out there" means being a bit more self-sufficient when it comes to coping with common problems, or learning how to avoid them in the first place.

Bear Spray Fact Sheet

Bear spray can be an effective addition to other safety precautions when you're travelling in bear country. But it must be used properly and in combination with other measures. (PDF file) Read more

Bear-Free Campsite

Avoid encountering bears on the trail and keep a bear-free campsite by using a food cache and keeping the campsite clean. Read more

Survival Essentials

The list of outdoor survival essentials that all backcountry travellers should bring along even when heading out for just a few hours. Read more

Staying Warm

. Read more

Backcountry Repair Kit

Carrying a general field repair kit makes you more self-sufficient. Having the minimum number of items will let you limp back to the trailhead. Adding luxury and sport-specific additions may let you continue your trip with style. Read more