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Intro to Hiking and Camping

If you're new to hiking, start with a short trip of no more than a few hours. The biggest challenge you're likely to encounter is keeping your bearings and making the correct turns at trail junctions. This can happen even in popular places, where trails run off in every direction, or in more remote areas where no trails exist. Before you set off, carefully examine a map or guidebook to familiarize yourself with features of the route, and to anticipate conditions you might find.

Lightweight Packing

Tips and tricks to help you lighten your backpack to travel faster and farther. Read more

Hiking Daytrips

How to plan a destination, estimate your travel time, research trail conditions, and assess the abilities of your group. Read more

Multi-Day Backpacking

Extended hiking and camping trips require good plannning and organizing, and the right equipment for the conditions, before you make your escape from civilization. Read more

Leave No Trace

You can reduce your impact in the outdoors by staying on established trails, camping in low-impact sites, and being careful to protect local water sources and plantlife. Read more