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Getting out with kids may take some advance planning and strategizing, but it certainly can be done. Start small. Bring the right gear. Take lots of breaks. And if things are going well, consider heading home just a little early. Better to end on a positive note then push on in the face of waning enthusiasm.

Climbing with Kids

Climbing is a great activity for kids: it builds self-esteem, improves strength and balance, and teaches them how to focus on a task. Introduce them to the vertical world and gear them up to start getting out. Read more

Cycling with Kids

Tips for cycling with kids. Including how old they should be to ride in a trailer or trail-a-bike, or to ride their own two-wheeler. Read more

Hiking with Kids

Tips for making your next (or first) hiking trip with kids more enjoyable, including what to bring along for comfort and safety. Read more

Camping with Kids

Tips for planning and packing for a weekend camping trip with your kids. Although we're strong supporters of self-propelled, low-impact camping, we know that camping with kids might have to take place somewhere that's close to the car. Read more

Winter Activities with Kids

Tips for getting your kids dressed, geared up, and fired up about going skiing or snowshoeing. Read more

Paddling with Kids

Canoes or kayaks are a great way to bring younger folk along on outdoor adventures. Tips for paddling with kids include, extra gear to bring and how to arrange everyone safely in the boat. Read more