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Buckle Repair

You’re hiking in the backcountry and POP! There goes a crucial buckle on your backpack – it’s time for buckle repair.

Quick Fix

If your buckle busted, and it was sewn directly onto to your pack, try this trick to replace it.

Required Equipment

  • Replacement buckle the same size as the original. You can borrow a non-essential buckle from another strap on your pack.
  • Nail file, pocket knife (saw blade), or lighter.
  1. Examine the broken buckle to find the thin plastic bar that the webbing is looped over.
  2. Carefully cut, melt, or snip, a one or two-millimetre gap in the centre of the same bar on the replacement buckle. Quick Attach buckles already have a small gap in the bar, and do not need to be cut.
  3. Wiggle the nylon loop through the gap in the bar until the buckle is attached to the webbing.

Sewn Fix

Sewing through thick nylon webbing can be difficult, but it will create a more “permanent” fix. A Speedy Stitcher is designed for heavy duty sewing and repairs and will make the process easier.

Required Equipment:

  • Replacement buckle.
  • Sewing awl or big needle tough enough to push through leather or heavy nylon webbing.
  • At least 30cm of heavy, waxed cotton thread.
  • Small pliers.
  1. Cut the stitches in the webbing to remove the old buckle.
  2. Thread the replacement buckle onto the webbing and fold the webbing over on itself.
  3. Thread the needle or awl and tie a knot in one end.
  4. Push the needle through both layers of webbing. Use the pliers to pull the needle through if it is difficult.
  5. Continue sewing with stitches about 5 millimetres apart. Pull each stitch tight.
  6. Tie off the last stitch and cut the thread.