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Intro to Sleeping Bags

Crawling into a sleeping bag that you know is going to be warm and comfortable is one of the singular pleasures of backcountry adventure.

Choosing a Sleeping Bag

Choose a bag that will keep you warm and comfy through the night. Learn about construction, types of fill, shapes, and features to look for. Read more

Sleeping Bag Systems

Rather than having to buy several sleeping bags for different situations, accessories such as liners and overbags let you adapt your bag for a range of temperatures. This can save you money, as well as weight and bulk. Read more

Sleeping Bag Ratings

For all the bags we design, MEC follows a set of industry standard tests to figure out temperate ratings, volume, and loft. Read more

Synthetic Fill Sleeping Bags

Synthetic fills are a viable, and sometimes preferable, alternative to down. They are non-allergenic, they have a lower initial cost than down, and unlike down, they provide some warmth when wet. Read more

Down Sleeping Bag

Find out what makes duck and goose down such a good insulator in sleeping bags. Read more