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Avalanche Safety

Avalanche Safety

MEC and the Canadian Avalanche Centre have joined forces to help you prepare for avalanche terrain and learn more about how to play safe every winter. Find videos, articles, courses and more.

Be Prepared

CAC Avalanche Bulletin iPhone App

Avalanche Canada Mobile App

Get CAC avalanche bulletins on your mobile device with this free application.

Avalanche Skills Training

Avalanche Skills Training

Taking an avalanche awareness course from a qualified instructor is the best way to learn safe mountain skills.

Avalanche Bulletins

Avalanche Bulletins

Check the latest avalanche bulletins from across the country, including the CAC and Parks Canada.

Avalanche Safety Videos

Avalanche Safety Videos

We've pulled together some of the best avalanche education videos on YouTube to help you brush up your skills, or nudge you toward taking a skills training course.

Avalanche Safety Basics

Winter Backcountry Safety

Safe travel in winter terrain depends on your skill in assessing conditions to prevent accidents.

Avalanche Rescue Equipment

The best strategy for surviving an avalanche is to avoid being caught in one. That being said, you must also be trained to use a tranceiver, probe, and shovel.

Skills Development

The Avalanche First Response Training Program

Online Avalanche Training

This interactive course on the CAC site is an excellent introduction to avalanche safety and first response training. It's also a good way to refresh your knowledge before you head out this winter.

Search and Rescue

Being fast with your beacon is not enough. Self rescue may require you to efficiently locate, extricate, treat, and evacuate members of your party who need help.

Marc Ledwidge

Snowpack Analysis

No single test is an ideal indicator of all conditions, but snowpack assessment is an essential tool for evaluating the potential for human triggered avalanches.

Bruce Jamieson

Snowpack Tests – How To Videos

Get tips on how to conduct snow stability tests from Cam Campbell, Public avalanche forecaster for the CAC and Researcher for the University of Calgary.

Cam Campbell

Preparing for Avalanche Terrain

Asking yourself an ordered series of questions can help you collect and review all necessary information and direct you toward a making a "go" or "no go" decision.

Colin Zacharias

Trip Preparation for Safe Winter Travel

Choosing an area with good conditions, and that suits the skills of your group is often better than committing to a destination, then checking out the conditions and terrain.

Alan Jones

Weather Information for Backcountry Travel

Sources for past, current, and forecast weather.

Winter Weather Patterns in the Mountains

Factors that contribute to mountain conditions.

David Jones

Making Decisions

Human Factors

Your perception of risk is not always objective. It can be unconsciously influenced by how you feel, your familiarity with the terrain, and who you are with.

Ian McCammon

Making Decisions in Avalanche Terrain

This series of slides tracks the progress of a group of skiers and shows how they make decisions throughout the day.

Colin Zacharias

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

A calculated approach to decision making can help you fit together and interpret all information you've collected and assess all of your options.

Pascal Haegeli and Grant Statham