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From super fats with rocker tips to high performance boots with burly bindings, here's the skinny on backcountry ski gear.

How to Choose Downhill Skis

Choose downhill skis based on your skill level, weight, height and the terrain you want to ski Read more

Ski Tuning

Find out when and how to sharpen your edges, touch up the bases, and wax your boards. For telemark, alpine touring, and cross-country skis, and snowboards. Read more

Nordic Skis

How to select cross-country skis for classic, skating, or light touring styles of nordic skiing. Includes the differences in length, flex, shape and types of bases. Read more

Nordic Ski Boots, Bindings, and Poles

Once you've picked out some Nordic skis, you'll have to outfit yourself with a means of propulsion: nordic ski boots, bindings, and poles. Read more

Backcountry Skis

Fat, super-fat, mid-fat, phat? Backcountry skis have experienced a renaissance in past years. Figuring what kind of skier you are and where you plan to ski will help you find the right balance of flex, sidecut, width, and length so you can carve the lines you're dreaming of. Read more

Climbing Skins

Going uphill on telemark or alpine touring skis requires the use of climbing skins (nylon strips that attach to the base of your skis). Once you're at the top, remove the climbing skins... Read more

How to choose ski boots and bindings

Your boots may be the single most important piece of ski gear you select, and having the right bindings brings a margin of safety when you fall or charge down steep runs. Read more