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Intro to Tents

From one-person backpacking models to basecamp domes, all of today's tents use light, compact materials, and can be comfortable, roomy homes away from home.

Choosing a Tent

Figure out how many people need to fit in a tent, and the season you'll be camping in, to narrow down your choices for the type of tent you need. Read more

Bivy Sacks

Extremely light, compact, and just big enough to enclose a sleeping bag and pad. Bivy sacks are a popular option for climbers or hikers who want to save space and weight. Read more

Tarp Shelters

Tarp shelters are very versatile. Where bugs are few, they can be used with a groundsheet in place of a tent. In bear country, a tarp can provide a sheltered kitchen area safely away from your sleeping quarters. Tarps can also be quickly erected as windbreaks or rain shelters on lunch stops, or over the head of an opened-up bivy sack to reduce stuffiness. Read more

Tent Site Selection

Proper set-up is essential to make your backcountry shelter efficient and comfortable. Some things to look for in the perfect tent spot is a handy water source, a good windbreak, and high ground that doesn't flood or collect cold air. Read more