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Boats and Skirts

Being a well-adapted aquatic animal starts with choosing the right boat. Open-water kayaks, sit-on-top puddle jumpers, capacious cargo canoes, or nimble whitewater craft – there's a boat for every environment.

Touring Kayaks

We discuss touring kayaks under two broad categories:Multi-day/Expedition and Day Tripper/Recreational. Read more

Whitewater Kayaks

The current explosion of innovative whitewater kayak designs has led to the development of many crossover boats that blend features and handling characteristics of boats from formerly separate whitewater categories. Read more

Sprayskirts for Kayaking

Select the right size, materials, and attachment system for a touring kayak sprayskirt or whitewater sprayskirt. Read more

Performance Kayaks

Performance kayaks are to regular open-water kayaks what trail runners are to hiking boots: they're made to take out for a short duration, high-intensity spin. They are light, narrow, low-volume, and fast, to appeal to adventure racers and aerobic athletes. Read more

Inflatable Kayaks

A quality inflatable kayak is a rugged, seaworthy craft and offers several unique advantages over hard-shell boats. Read more

Composite Boats

Learn about the materials used in fibreglass kayaks and canoes. Read more

Plastic Boats

Plastic (polyethylene) is used to make very affordable recreational and touring kayaks and canoes, and very durable whitewater kayaks. Read more


Purchasing a canoe. A description of canoe designs and materials, shapes, and features to assist in helping you select the correct craft for your needs. An explanation of design terms is included. Read more

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Stand up paddleboarding combines surfing with kayaking or canoeing. The upright position provides a full body workout... Read more