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1550 Granville Street Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1X1
Manager: Mike Cogdon

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MEC Halifax has partnered with Metropark to make your parking more affordable. Show us a current (day of) receipt and we'll give you a $1 coupon toward parking at Metropark (at the bottom of Blowers Street).

Currently closed

Summer Hours

May 16 - Sep 05

  • Monday9:30 AM - 9 PM
  • Tuesday9:30 AM - 9 PM
  • Wednesday9:30 AM - 9 PM
  • Thursday9:30 AM - 9 PM
  • Friday9:30 AM - 9 PM
  • Saturday9 AM - 6 PM
  • Sunday11 AM - 5 PM

Regular Hours

  • Monday9:30 AM - 7 PM
  • Tuesday9:30 AM - 7 PM
  • Wednesday9:30 AM - 7 PM
  • Thursday9:30 AM - 9 PM
  • Friday9:30 AM - 9 PM
  • Saturday9 AM - 6 PM
  • Sunday11 AM - 5 PM
  • Events

    About the Halifax Store

    MEC reached the shores of the Atlantic in 2001, when we celebrated the opening of our Halifax store. To minimize the store's environmental impact, most of the existing building was preserved and the use of new materials limited.

    Learn about Halifax's green building systems.

    Grants, Support, and Product Donations

    MEC supports grassroots organizations and their efforts to conserve ecologically and recreationally important places and to inspire and enable Canadians to be active outdoors. Through our Community Contributions program MEC donates gear, funding and in-kind support, helping us all keep space for adventure.

    See our Community Contributions programs

    Display Space

    Not-for-profit groups that have similar values to MEC can use our floor space free of charge to educate the public about current environmental or outdoor issues, or to collect public input regarding future park or government initiatives. Local clubs can also spend time here, letting people know they exist and what they have to offer.

    Seminars and Store Tours

    We offer free presentations and informational store tours to interested student groups, outdoor organizations, environmental organizations, or business. Topics range learning about outdoor gear and trip planning to corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability practices.

    Contact Christine Krochak about any of store programs:, or 902.421.2667

    MEC Halifax Bike Shop

    Bike Shop Phone: 902-421-2667

    Our bike shop can provide any repair from minor service, like installing fenders, to a deluxe overhaul. If you're not sure what kind of work your bike needs, bring it in for a free safety inspection. Our mechanics will inspect it, consult with you, and if it needs service, determine the best package value for your bike's condition.

    Call the store to set up a bike shop visit. A tune-up may take two to four business days. Minor repairs can be done while you shop.

    Bike Tune-up Packages

    Parts are not included in tune-up prices.

    Minor Adjustment
    Advanced Plus
    8-hour turnaround repair, new Shimano® cables and housing for brakes and shifters, full frame and wheel detailing, and parts installation.
    Bottom bracket disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repacked with grease and new bearings (depending on type), and adjusted.
    Headset disassembled, cleaned, inspected and repacked with new bearings and greased.
    Frame fully cleaned and inspected for fatigue damage.
    Hubs disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. Repacked with new bearings and greased.
    Frame and fork wiped down.

    (New to Basic Service for 2016)

    Wheels trued radially and laterally. Spoke tension checked/adjusted.

    (New to Basic Service for 2016)

    Crankset removed, bottom bracket tapers cleaned.

    (New to Basic Service for 2016)

    Front and rear hub bearings adjusted.

    (New to Basic Service for 2016)

    All pivot points lubricated.
    Threadlock applied to crank bolt, rotor bolts, caliper bolts, and loose hardware.
    Headset checked for proper bearing adjustment, adjusted as needed.
    Bottom bracket checked for proper bearing adjustment.
    Derailleur and cable tension checked or adjusted.
    Derailleur hanger aligned if needed.
    Brake cable tension, shoe height, and angle checked or adjusted. Centre orientation confirmed.
    Tires filled to maximum stated pressure.
    Stem, handlebar, seat, controls, seatpost, and crankarms checked and adjusted.

    Add-on Services: bike cleaning fee $15, hub repack (single) $10, spoke replacement $5 (spokes and nipples not included).

    A La Carte Bike Services


    • Tire or tube install
    • Wheel true
      $12 - 17
    • Wheel build
      $55 - 60
    • Hub adjustment
      $7 - 10
    • Hub overhaul
      $13 - 18


    • Gear adjustment
      $10 - 15
    • Chain installation
    • Bottom bracket replacement

      Removal, Frame Prepped, Installation, and Adjustment of front derailleur (parts not included).

    • Shimano internal geared hub service

      Disassembly, fluid replacement, and lubrication.

    • Shimano Di2 reprogramming and firmware update

      call for store availability

    • Cable and housing replacement

      Installation of up to two cable and housing lengths.


    • Brake adjustment
      $12 - 24
    • Brake bleed
    • Cable and housing replacement

      Installation of up to two cable and housing lengths.

    Other services

    • Headset adjustment
    • Headset overhaul
    • Miscellaneous accessory install
      $10 - 30
    • Bar tape installation

      Tape and end plugs extra.

    • Bike boxing

      Partial disassembly and packaging for shipping or airplane travel.

    • General repairs

      The minimum shop charge is $5.

    MEC Halifax Ski Shop

    Looking for a reliable place to get your skis or snowboard serviced? Look no further, our store offers professional ski shop services and competitive rates.

    When you purchase two or more of the big three ski items (skis, boots, or bindings) we'll mount your bindings for free. This offer applies to all types of ski equipment sold at MEC, and proof of purchase is required. If you're shopping online, you can take advantage of this deal by placing your order via phone at 1.888.847.0770 or 604.876.6221.

    Not all stores offer the full range of services, and some services may not be available year-round. Call the store to set up a visit.


    • Classic
    • Skate
    • Telemark
    • Alpine touring
    • Climbing heels, wires, and shims
    • Binding removal

      With purchase of new binding or skis.

    Base Tune Up

    • General repairs

      The minimum shop charge is $5.

    • Hot wax (hand)
    • Pine tar

      Call for availability.

    Additional Services

    • Skin fit and shaping

      Call for availability.

    Snowshoe Services

    • Binding replacement - per pair
    • Rivet replacement - per unit
    • Binding strap replacement - per unit
    • Crampon replacement

    MEC Halifax Fittings

    Call 902.421.2667 to book fittings appointments.

    Footwear Fittings

    Find out which boots or shoes are right for you. Our staff footwear experts will measure your feet and show you how to adjust footwear to suit your feet.

    Bike Fittings

    Optimize riding performance and comfort in a one-on-one session with one of our bike fitting experts. A free fitting is included when you purchase a new bike for $990 or more.

      Basic Premium
    With purchase of bike with a base price of $990 or more. Included $60
    Your own bike or with purchase of bike priced less than $990. $60 $120
    Frame size assessment.
    Seat height assessed and adjusted.
    Handlebar and stem adjusted.*
    Seating position and posture assessed.
    Cleat installation.
    Cleat adjustment.
    Leg angle optimized.
    Body angle measured and adjusted.
    Arm reach measured and parts swapped if needed.*
    Bike customization.
    Free adjustment within 60 days of initial fit.

    * Additional bike components may be necessary. Cost of components are not included in the fitting.

    MEC Halifax Equipment Rentals

    Want to take a trip, but don't want to invest in all the gear you need? We rent tents, sleeping bags, and much more. If you are considering a purchase and it is in our rental program, you can try it out and put your first day's rental fee towards the purchase.

    Some items are available seasonally. Reservations are strongly recommended during holidays and weekends. Read our rental policies and procedures for information on reservations and credit towards purchase.

    Hiking and Camping Gear First day Add a day One week
    Backpack $9 $6 $42
    Tent (3-season) $18 $12 $84
    Tent (4-season) $21 $14 $98
    Sleeping bag (3-season) $12 $8 $56
    Sleeping bag (4-season) $15 $10 $70
    Sleeping pad (foam) $4 $3 $21
    LPG stove $4 $3 $21
    Watersports Gear First day Add a day One week
    Sea kayak $30 $20 $140
    Canoe (general purpose) $30 $20 $140
    Personal flotation device $5 $5 $25
    Paddle $5 $5 $25
    Canoe / kayak cart $6 $5 $28

    Note: All boats/paddleboards are rented with paddles, PFDs and safety gear, except the boat-only whitewater kayak. You may require a roof rack for boat transportation.

    Weekend special

    Pick up your gear starting Thursday 3:00pm and pay for just Saturday and Sunday.

    Climbing Gear First day Add a day One week
    Rock shoes $8 $5 $35
    Crash pad $6 $4 $28
    Snowsports Gear First day Add a day One week
    Snowshoes (general purpose) $12 $8 $56
    Snowshoes (kids') $12 $8 $56

    MEC Halifax Recycling and Repair Services

    Visit the Member Service Desk if you have items to recycle or repair.

    Gear Swap

    Buy, sell, or swap your used outdoor gear! MEC's Gear Swap has been our way of encouraging people to recycle their gear. We host swap events at our store and some of our events - or you can use our Online Gear Swap.

    Gear Repair

    The store offers a repair service for items such as packs and jackets. Maximize the life of your stuff by having it fixed, and limit waste and the use of dwindling natural resources.

    Gear must be clean before being dropped off for repair.


    We recycle batteries that were purchased at our store. Just drop them off and we'll take care of them. Please don't bring any that are broken or corroded. For safety, cover the battery terminals with a piece of tape before putting them in the recycling bins.

    There is a cost associated with recycling non-rechargeable batteries (we pay about $130 per 30kg container) so if you purchased them somewhere else, we ask that you contact that vendor to enquire about their recycling program.

    Fuel Canisters

    At present, we cannot recycle any LPG or propane fuel canisters. For information on where they can be recycled, please contact your municipal recycling department.