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Ethical Sourcing

Our goal is to make quality products for the outdoors. Central to this goal is a belief that our gear be made in a way that respects the people who manufacture it. Through our Ethical Sourcing Program we work to improve the human condition in factories. This means safer working conditions, legal working hours, and reasonable pay for work done.

What We're Doing

Through our Ethical Sourcing Program we monitor factories, report our findings, and work with factories to improve conditions.

What You Can Do

There are over 3 million MEC members. We invite you to ask questions, think about ethical consumerism, and learn how you can get involved to shape change.

Factory Conditions

We strive to address the root causes of infractions that affect workers.

Sourcing and Global Issues

MEC gear is made in Canada and in 12 other countries worldwide. Regardless of location, we select factories that aspire to fair labour practices.