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Greening Our Operations

Sustainability goals are embedded into our business operations. Rooted alongside quality, service and value, finding efficiencies and innovations to lighten our impact on the planet is part of what we do.

Green Building Program

By constructing buildings that use energy, water, and materials efficiently, we're proving that green designs make good environment sense – and good business sense.

Our Carbon Footprint

Having met our early reduction targets, we are now turning to more complex challenges of logistics and supply chain. We've also put a price on carbon, so we account for its true cost in our decisions.

Zero Waste

Zero waste starts with responsible purchasing and ends with us diving our own dumpsters to measure diversion rates. In between there are steps like eliminating hangtags and shipping products without polybags.

Recycling and Re-Use

At our stores, we've implemented recycling and re-use options, including take-back programs, free repairs and donations. You can recycle your gear or extend the life of someone else's at our Online Gear Swap.