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Recycled Fabrics

Turning plastic bottles and fishing nets into fabric are some of the ways to create recycled materials, which we turn into products.

Recycled polyester

Polyester is a synthetic material. Our concern over the use of crude oil as a non-renewable raw material for polyester has led us to source yarns made from industrial polyester waste and recycled plastic bottles. These yarns use as much as 75% less crude oil than virgin fibres, and they divert waste from landfills and recycle it into new products.

Recycled polyester isn't new, but better processing methods are giving us access to yarns we can use for a broader range of garments. Ultimately we'd like to convert all our polyester garments to 100% recycled content, but we still face challenges in terms of availability, performance, and price.

Recycled nylon

Like polyester, nylon is a synthetic material derived from petroleum. The material used to create recycled nylon comes either from production waste, or post-consumer waste, such as used clothing, carpets or fishing nets. Nylon is more challenging to recycle than polyester, but we've been fairly successful in incorporating recycled nylon into our products, and will keep increasing our use of recycled nylon as technologies evolve.