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Buy, sell, and trade used kayaks, canoes, surfing and scuba gear and equipment.

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  • image_427836

    Wenonah Kevlar Canoe (42 lbs) - Victoria


    Ultralite Spirit II, 17 ft. list price $2850. Bucket seats with sliding bow seat for trim. Supe ...

  • image_427834

    Looking for large sized creek boat


    Looking for large sized creek boat. Nomad 8.5, Stomper 90, Jefe Grande, Villan Large, Mamba 8.6,Burn ...

  • image_427830

    North Water Wedge Poly Throw Bag


    Has 21.3m (70ft.) of 9.5mm polypropylene line with 816kg (1800lb. 9; tensile stre ...

  • image_427828

    Kayak-Maelstrom Vital 166


    This Maelstrom Vital 166 (2013) is an awesome playboat for surf and currents and it rolls ...

  • image_427827

    Kokatet GFER men's large Goretex Drysuit


    Like new, purchased from MEC with tear in latex neck gasket, cost to fix $50. Used once. Front ...

  • image_427825

    White Water Canoe Solo


    Solo White Water Canoe, Red Dagger Genesis, Royalex hull in good shape . Big Water boat for bigger p ...

  • image_427805

    Necky Blunt...Creekboat


    Good solid all around creekboat. Very good condition. With no hull deformations. ; Good for ...

  • image_427748

    ensemble de plongée


    Ensemble de plongée fonctionnel ,en bon état: veste,ceinture&#x 2b;poids,masque,d ...

  • image_427746

    Stohlquist PFD (new)


    Stohlquist EBB PFD new (won at a raffle; too big) &#x a;Grey l ...

  • image_427745

    Scuba Light


    King Pelican 4000 Scuba Light ...

  • image_427710

    Pro Motion Triathalon Wetsuit


    I have a promotion wetsuit for sale they only made the one model when I purchased it. Approx 7years ...

  • image_427725

    WTB poly kayak


    Looking for a wilderness systems poly boat 14 feet plus... Good condition and not beat to death... ...

  • image_427630

    Vintage 16' Huron wood canvas canoe


    16' First Nation's built Huron wood canvas canoe. Documentated restoration, including new ...

  • image_427629

    16' First Nation's built canoe


    Vintage 16' Huron wood canvas canoe built on their reserve in Quebec. Documentated full restora ...

  • image_427645

    3 Whitewater Canoe Paddles


    2 x 56" Paddles One Werner Fibreglass/ One Perception &# xa;1 x 60" Perception&#x ...

  • image_427628

    100 year old Peterborough Canoe


    Antique 16' Peterborough wood canvas canoe. Model 604, over 100 years old. Documentated full re ...

  • image_427626

    I need a cottage-banger for guests.


    I need a sturdy 15 or 16 footer for guests at the cottage to thump around in. ...

  • image_427567

    16' Chestnut Prospector w/c canoe


    Vintage 16' Chestnut Prospector wood canvas canoe. The real thing, NOT a copy. Documentated ful ...

  • image_427545

    Hellman Scout


    Hellman Scout 2 person whitewater canoe with floatation bags bow and stern Du ralite with K ...

  • image_427517

    Liquidlogic Jefe Chico for Sale


    Outfitting is in great condition. Has surface scratches from use over 2 seasons. I bought it new and ...

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Showing 1-20 of 122 items