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Whitewater Kayaks

Buy, sell, and trade used kayaks, canoes, surfing and scuba gear and equipment.

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  • image_428688

    Necky Jive 8'4" + paddle


    Whitewater kayak in good shape, with normal wear and tear. Werner paddle and split stern flotation b ...

  • image_428687

    Slalom kayak


    26 yr. old fiberglass white water slalom kayak with spray skirt, helmet and paddle. Always stored i ...

  • image_428631

    Jackson All Star


    Original generation All Star (circa 2005). Still in great shape, but I've grown too ...

  • image_428588

    4fun for sale


    Jackson 4fun for sale. Includes sweet cheeks and happy feet. Just too big for me. Located in Terrace ...

  • image_428533

    Wavesport Z


    Used Wavesport Z for sale with a Necky backband. It has the usual scratches but no oil canning. Bolt ...

  • image_428532

    Bliss-Stick Huka


    Used Bliss-Stick Huka for sale with the usual scratches but in good shape, no oil canning. Immersio ...

  • image_428491

    Diesel 65 Creeker/River runner


    Used boat in good shape. Used for 4 seasons. In good condition, has a small crack in cockpit rim tha ...

  • image_428490

    Project 45 (Play boat)


    Used Project 45 play boat for sale. I've paddle this boat for 3 seasons and it's still in ...

  • image_428455



    2009ish. Its in great condition with regular scratches. Need to sale ASAP! I will be driving th ...

  • image_428452

    Jackson Fun Kayak


    2010 Jackson Fun whitewater kayak, good condition, general usage scratches. Comes with medium size S ...

  • image_428410

    Jackson All Star


    Jackson All Star 2007ish playboat in great condition. $450. &# xa;Check out the article on ...

  • image_428298

    Orange necky whiter kayak


    Lightly used white water kayak ...

  • image_427961

    Pyranha Burn (S)


    Small Burn, in great condition other than some scratches along the bottom. Comfortable, adjustable o ...

  • image_427805

    Necky Blunt...Creekboat


    Good solid all around creekboat. Very good condition. With no hull deformations. ; Good for ...

  • image_427517

    Liquidlogic Jefe Chico for Sale


    Outfitting is in great condition. Has surface scratches from use over 2 seasons. I bought it new and ...

  • image_427516

    Project 45 Wavesport


    Excellent for small paddler! Can deliver to Barrie April 21 ...

  • image_427394

    Jackson Hero Kayak 2011


    Blue and White Cross Linked, good condition, stored out of the sun. ...

  • image_427325

    Jackson All Star


    2009 Jackson All Star. good shape regular scratches, no gouges. can send more pictures. This is a gr ...

  • image_427181

    Fluid Nemesis Medium - Playboat


    I'm selling my Fluid Nemesis. It is a great playboat that has good river running abilities. ...

  • image_427132

    AT2 Flexi bentshaft


    Minor scratches, only used playboating in big water. Wicked paddle! I just don't paddle an ...

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Showing 1-20 of 26 items