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Trip Partners

Photo: Pierre Bouchard

Going my way? If you're heading out on your own and not pumped about flying solo, this page can put you in contact with like-minded travellers who are happy to share the trail.

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  • image_469325



    Looking for experienced partners to show me the ropes to backcountry Snowshoeing and hiking new to t ...

  • image_468934

    Looking for a Snowshoeing Partner


    I am a 34 year old male who is looking for an activity partner for backcountry snowshoeing and winte ...

  • image_468945

    Ottawa Race 1 Ride needed


    Hi there, I 'm a commuter cyclist and would like to go to the MEC1 race. It is too bad ...

  • image_468886

    Christmas Ice Climbing


    Looking for ice climbing partner Dec 26-Dec31. Anywhere in the Canadian Rockies. I have many years ...

  • image_468831

    Let's go skate skiing!!!


    Me, easy going girl, early 40's looking for someone to go skiing with. Get in touch! ...

  • image_468425

    Ice Climbing & Ski Touring


    Living in Edmonton. Looking for Ice climbing partners and ski touring partners. Lots of experience, ...

  • image_468145

    Colombia Jan/Feb


    Will be in Colombia Jan26 - Feb 18. Climbing and mountaineering Suesca, La Mojarra, Nevado del Toli ...

  • image_467962



    Two spaces available for Elizabeth Parker Hut on Saturday December 13. Please contact hilary.german1 ...

  • image_467166

    Climbing Partner Needed


    I need someone to spot me ...

  • image_467016

    Looking for ski-touring partners!


    Looking for ski-touring/ split-boarding partners in Nelson, B.C I've been on a slit-board ...

Showing 1-10 of 10 items