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Trip Partners

Photo: Pierre Bouchard

Going my way? If you're heading out on your own and not pumped about flying solo, this page can put you in contact with like-minded travellers who are happy to share the trail.

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  • image_548192

    George river


    I am looking for partners to do the George river this summer. I have some flexibility as for schedul ...

  • image_547865

    X-country skiing this Monday?


    Looking for people with a car, to tag along with cross country skiing this Monday, anywhere north of ...

  • image_547713

    Skiing / Ice Climbing this winter


    I am looking for skiing and/or ice climbing partners for trips in BC, Alberta, the Yukon and Al ...

  • image_547665




  • image_547429

    Algonquin Park - female


    Male 59 seeks female partner for canoe trip into Algonquin Park this summer. ...

  • image_547305

    Ski / Ice Climb BC/AB


    Looking for Ski and/or ice partners for Feb 20 to Mar 5. Experience at both. Up for anything an ...

  • image_546816

    Looking for a hitchhiking buddy!


    I plan on hitchhiking from Florida's coast across the US to Oregon's coast if anyone is in ...

  • image_546571

    Midweek Calgary skiers


    Looking for anyone who wants to go resort skiing midweek from the Calgary area. I ski intermediate a ...

  • image_546430

    Algonquin Park


    To assist partially disabled, but experienced canoeist. You- 25-45, strong and able to portage a can ...

  • image_546429

    canoe trip partner wanted..


    Trip partner wanted. You-25-45, strong, able to portage canoe and/or gear for partially disable ...

  • image_546269

    ski tour Norway off 52' sailboat


    https:/& #x2f; com/watch&#x 3f;v=nqkx_qE RhOY &# xa;B ...

  • image_546237

    Back River


    I am considering paddling the Back River this summer. This has been on by bucket list of rivers. I a ...

  • image_546206

    Alaska - Sea Kayak


    Experienced 56yo paddler looking for experienced partners for a 10-12-day sea kayak trip in Alaska b ...

  • image_546011

    Folding Bike Tour in Japan


    Join 6-10 travellers to tour Japan by rail and folding bike in fall 2016. We will take trains with o ...

  • image_546007

    Mount Washington


    Hello, heading to climb Mount Washington via Pinkham Notch center March 26 and 26 weekend. We are a ...

  • image_545989

    Battle Abbey Back Country Skiing


    April 2 to 9, 2016. Spring at Battle Abbey Lodge 6 spots available. $2750/ person. Meals ...

  • image_545896

    Weekend ski touring partner wanted


    Hey everyone! Looking for a person or two who wants to do some touring on the weekends between ...

  • image_545766

    Ice Climbing - Bancroft Area


    Looking for a compatible ice climbing partner to climb in the Bancroft area this "winter" ; ...

Showing 1-18 of 18 items