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Trip Partners

Photo: Pierre Bouchard

Going my way? If you're heading out on your own and not pumped about flying solo, this page can put you in contact with like-minded travellers who are happy to share the trail.

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  • image_532126

    George river canoe trip


    Looking for canoe partners for a George river trip. Preferred date of departure around August 1st 20 ...

  • image_531488

    Partner wanted for Adirondacks loop Dec


    Looking to do a loop in the Adirondacks in December. 6 days. From 13-19th. Already a team of two. Lo ...

  • image_531447

    Van Isle/Mainland Ski Touring


    Looking for an individual or individuals to tour with on Vancouver Island/Vanco uver/Whist ...

  • image_531397

    Holiday Travel


    Looking for trip partners during the holidays. Open to different locations though would prefer outsi ...

  • image_531366

    XC Skiing In Algonquin - Leaf Lake


    34 year old dude looking for like minded peeps. A nyone interested in cross country skiing ...

  • image_530829

    Canoe Full Length Stikine River Trip BC


    Looking for people to canoe part/entire length of the Stikine River minus the canyon. Start in ...

  • image_530190

    Bridge River Valley/South Chilcotins


    Spending my first winter in the bridge river valley. Looking for like minded and fit touring partner ...

  • image_529496

    Back country ski or split


    Just moved to Kelowna and hoping to find some partners that are comfortable riding some terrain. Hop ...

  • image_529111

    Partners for ski touring


    Hi,I'm Italian and I moved to Vancouver few months ago. I look for partners for ski touring in ...

  • image_528933

    Algonquin Fat bike


    Regularly ski/hike f;paddle/bik e in Algonquin and areas just south of the park - usua ...

  • image_528945

    ski au Yukon


    Back country skiing in Yukon in the coming weeks. I have a flexible schedule and can adapt. ...

Showing 1-11 of 11 items