The Ghost Line

Ghost now produces over 80,000 bikes a year. They're sold through authorized dealers in more than 30 countries. The Ghost pro race team and world-cup riders are hitting the top of the podium at events around the world. A full line of mountain bikes allows riders to explore the whole mountain and get anywhere they want to go. The bikes we're bringing to MEC, as well as being utterly beautiful, have the magic combination of innovation, quality, and value that members expect.


Ridden in the rolling test terrain of northern Bavaria and worked over by machines in the lab, the Ghost frames and components meet stringent quality standards. Obsessive about their testing practices, Ghost puts their frames through tougher, more precise tests than required by European standards. A team of engineers, designers, and professional racing cyclists ride the prototypes to provide immediate feedback about performance and handling. Lab tests simulate real-word stresses and essentially fast-forward a bike's life cycle into a few days to ensure the designs perform reliably over time.


Innovative and refined details distinguish Ghost Bikes.

Specific Chainstay Length

Chainstay lengths are relative to each frame size, so the ratio between the chainstay and wheelbase always stays the same. For the rider, it means the centre of balance is tuned specifically for each frame and the feel is right for any given size.

Needle Bearing System

Ghost uses a needle bearing instead of a bushing in the damper eye of the shock to ensure minimum break-away torque. The torque is the force that needs to be overcome before the shock activates. Low torque results in plush-feeling suspension that smooths out jarring bumps and roughness.

Smooth Ratio Suspension

With a transmission ratio of 2:1, the back end suspension is tuned for sensitivity with controlled damping and good overall durability.