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Black Diamond Oval Biner

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Black Diamond Oval Biner

Product Number: 4008-647
Made in China

Weight: 62g

While oval gate carabiners don’t offer as much strength as D-shapes (they don’t load along the spine...), they offer some other advantages. The open radius basket holds a lot more gear, like pitons, than D-shapes. Also, ovals tend to align better with webbing, so you won’t get that heart-stopping shift next time you step onto your aiders or lean back on a daisy chain.

  • Individually tested.
Weight 62g
Gate type Straight
Material Aluminum alloy
Strength Closed 18kN
Strength Cross-Loaded 7kN
Strength Open 6kN
Gate Opening 1.8cm
CE Certified Yes
Three Sigma Tested Yes

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