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MSR SuperFly Stove

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MSR SuperFly Stove

Product Number: 4015-372
Made in USA

Weight: 131g

An ultralight and versatile LPG stove, with a very stable, wind-resistant flame (the burner is designed to re-light itself if partially blown out by a gust). The Multi-Mount™ locking collar fits onto a variety of canisters including MSR®, Primus®, and Snowpeak. Other features include controls that are easily operated with gloves on, and serrated pot supports to reduce cookware slippage.

  • Made of stainless steel, aluminum, and nylon.
  • BTU output and burn time will vary depending on fuel canister used.
  • Fuel canister available separately.
Weight 131g
Burner Components Aluminum and steel

Stoves are designed to burn specific fuels. All stoves should only be used with the fuels recommended by the manufacturer, to avoid damage.

Boil Time

The average time it takes to boil 1L of water. Wind, air temperature, and elevation affect actual times in the field.

3 min
Dimensions 7.6 x 8.9cm
Output 10000BTU
Simmers Yes
Fuel Pump No
Heat Reflector No
Piezo Ignition No
Pot Included No
Windscreen No

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