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Respro Techno Mask

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Respro Techno Mask

Product Number: 4016-219
Made in United Kingdom

Weight: 45g (Medium)

Don’t let a little bad air come in between you and your daily commute! The Respro® Techno neoprene mask features 2 filtration systems that screen out sub-micron-sized pollutants like dust. Also has an activated charcoal filter to absorb vapours and gases.

  • 2 valves improve airflow performance as you exhale. Great for any outside exercise in a polluted urban environment.
  • Filters out hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide, lead oxide, and smoke, as well as sub-micron particulates including pollen dust, rapeseed dust and other irritants.
  • Rapid airflow valve system for easy exhalation.
  • Velcro® fastening ensures an effective seal.
  • Durable and fully washable.
  • Replacement filters available.
Weight 45g (Medium)
Filter Life 1mo
Replaceable Filter Yes
Washable Yes

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