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Adventure Medical UltraLight .9 First Aid Kit

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Adventure Medical UltraLight .9 First Aid Kit

Product Number: 5003-380
Made in USA

Weight: 283g

A small and compact first aid package designed for one to four people. The tough, simple, and lightweight outer bag is made of 1.3oz. Silicone coated ripstop nylon. A unique feature of the Adventure medical kits is the Aloksak® inner bag. This inner bag serves as an added layer of weather protection for the kit with a leak-proof, waterproof, and airtight seal. The inner package is waterproof to 200 feet. Developed for one to four people travelling for up to four days.

  • Adhesive fabric bandages 2.5 x 7.6cm (5).
  • Adhesive fabric knuckle bandages (4).
  • Conforming gauze bandage 7.6cm.
  • Tubular stockinette 2.5 x10cm (2).
  • Sterile dressing gauze 5 x5 cm (2).
  • Sterile dressing gauze 10 x 10cm (4).
  • Non-adherent sterile dressing 7.6 x 10cm (2).
  • Nitrile gloves (pair).
  • Hand wipe.
  • Glaciergel (2 large oval).
  • Pre-cut and shaped moleskin (22).
  • Duct tape 5cm x 2.5m.
  • Elastic bandage with Velcro 5cm.
  • Safety pins (3).
  • Folding scissors.
  • Splinter picker/tick remover forceps.
  • AfterBite wipe (2).
  • Aloksak waterproof bag 15 x 23cm.
  • After Cuts and Scrapes anethestic/antiseptic wipe (6).
  • Cotton tip applicator.
  • 10cc irrigation syringe with18 gauge tip.
  • Tape13mm x 9m.
  • Adhesive barrier wipes.
  • Wound closure strips 6mm x 10cm (10).
  • Dimensions are 23 x 15 x 5cm.
  • Please note that MEC sells the International version of this kit. Contents may vary slightly from the US versions described on the vendor's website.
Weight 283g
Recommended Use Overnight adventure
Dimensions 23 x 15 x 5cm
Watertight Pouch

The pouch is waterproof and has a watertight closure to keep the contents dry in wet conditions.

Adhesive Fabric Bandages 5
Adhesive Fabric Knuckle Bandages 4
Afterbite Wipes 2
Antiseptic/Antibacterial Wipes 6
Blister/Burn Dressing Yes
Cotton Tip Applicator 1
Duct Tape Yes
Elastic Bandage with Velcro Yes
Gauze Bandage Yes
Irrigation Syringe Yes
Medical Gloves 1
Medical Gloves Material Nitrile
Medical Tape Yes
Moleskin Yes
Non-adherent Sterile Dressing 2
Safety Pins 3
Scissors/EMT Shears Yes
Splinter/Tick Foreceps Yes
Sterile Dressing Gauze Large 4
Sterile Dressing Gauze Medium 2
Topical Adhesive Yes
Tubular Stockinette Yes
Wound Closure Strips 10

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