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North Water Wedge SpectrX Throw Bag

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North Water Wedge SpectrX Throw Bag

Product Number: 5007-610
Made in Canada

Weight: 650g (Small)

The bag's aerodynamic shape throws like a dream. With flotation sewn around the girth, it's pliable and easy to stuff into odd-shaped places until needed.

  • Spectra® line has a double braided kernmantle structure: polyester outer for flotation, abrasion resistance, and UV protection; polypropylene multi-filament core for high-tensile strength and lightness.
  • 420-denier pack cloth is durable enough to last through a rope replacement.
  • Small is 18m (60ft.) of 6.35mm (¼in.) line with a breaking strength of 952kg (2100lb.).
  • Large is 18m (60ft.) of 9.5mm (⅜in.) line with a breaking strength of 1460kg (3220lb.).
Weight 650g (Small)
Intended Use Technical rescue
Rope Material Spectra
Rope Length 18m (small)
18m (large)
Rope Diameter 6.35mm (small)
9.5mm (large)
Rope Breaking Strength 952kg (small)
1460kg (large)
Meets Transport Canada Safety Requirement Yes

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