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Duracell Rechargeable AAA NiMH 4 Pack Batteries

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Duracell Rechargeable AAA NiMH 4 Pack Batteries

Product Number: 5010-191
Made in Japan

Weight: 60g

A pack of four NiMH rechargeable batteries. They're initially more expensive but will actually save money in the long run. They'll also save the planet from landfill fatigue by reducing the number of batteries that get discarded each year. NiMH batteries have a high power storage capacity. With each full charge, these AAA batteries will provide up to twice the power of premium conventional batteries. They are particularly effective in high-drain devices such as two-way radios and digital cameras.

  • Set of four AAA batteries.
  • 900 mAh when discharged at 140mAh to 1V.
  • No mercury added – meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for landfill disposal.
  • Can be used with any chargers except certain "smart" chargers; please check instructions on charger package.
  • Not intended for use with old NiCad battery chargers.
  • Note that NiMH batteries do self-discharge; if you've stored them for more than a week, even unused, you should recharge them prior to use.

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