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AQUALUNG Jr. Blast Fins (Kids')

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AQUALUNG Jr. Blast Fins (Kids')

Product Number: 5014-728
Made in China

Weight: 876g (Large)

On sea kayaking trips, kids love to explore the shallows close up by snorkelling. These fins feature a patented Nature's Wing split design that reduces drag and increases lift and propulsion.

The split channels the water, and speeds it up, much like a river running faster where it passes through a narrows. This focuses more of the thrust from each kick directly backwards, rather than letting it dissipate in all directions.

The result is more forward drive from each stroke and less likelihood of cramping in little legs. As a bonus, these fins generate less water turbulence, which reduces the amount of sand or silt stirred up.

  • Super-soft and comfortable foot pockets.
  • Adjustable foot strap to fit growing feet.
  • Small fits kids' shoe sizes 9-13. Large fits kids' shoe sizes 1-4.

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