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Maxim Glider 9.9mm Dry Rope

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Maxim Glider 9.9mm Dry Rope

Product Number: 5018-742
Made in USA

A slim rope for sporty rock routes or longer trad lines including ice and alpine. The sheath has a small profile in cross section. It provides excellent durability and reduces friction and rope drag. Because of this, it runs smoothly through braking devices, so it may be suited better to intermediate to advanced climbers seeking a performance rope.

  • The unique twill pattern uses a one over one construction that results in a sheath that has a smaller profile in cross section than a plain patterned sheath.
  • Endura dry treatment is applied to both sheath and core, so it's suited to ice and alpine.
Weight 3.96kg (60 Meter)
Type Single (‹ 10mm)

Dry ropes have been given a water-resistant treatment.

Length 60m, 70m
Dynamic Elongation

In controlled tests, a weight is attached to the rope and then dropped. Higher numbers indicate stretchier ropes.

Static Elongation

In controlled tests, a weight is suspended from the rope (not dropped). Higher numbers indicate stretchier ropes.

Impact Force

Impact force rating measures a rope's elasticity and ability to absorb energy in a fall.

Linear Weight 65.5g/m
Diameter 9.9mm
Halfway Pattern Change No
UIAA Fall Rating

Indicates the number of consecutive falls a rope withstood during testing in a controlled environment. The number is for reference only, and does not indicate the number of falls a rope will withstand during actual use or over its lifespan.


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