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SKROSS World Travel Adapter 2 and USB Charger

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SKROSS World Travel Adapter 2 and USB Charger

Product Number: 5020-642
Made in Thailand

Weight: 145g

Currency exchanges. Foreign languages. Jet lag. Just some of the challenges of global travel. Thanks to this adapter, you can scratch trying to jam domestic plugs into alien outlets from the list. It lets you fit any two-pronged appliance into sockets in 150 countries. (Note that this adapter is not for three-prong grounded appliances, and it is not a voltage or frequency converter.)

Rounding out its usefulness, it also includes a modular USB charger for topping up all your USB-type gadgets on the go.

  • Power rating is 220V - 1300W/110V - 650W.
  • Extra compartment for spare fuses (not included).
  • Detachable USB charger has an output of 5.0VDC/1000mA max., and a power rating of 100 - 240VAC~ 50-60Hz/200mA.
  • Dual USB interface for parallel charging.
  • Up to 1000mA charging current.
  • Luminous charging state indicator.
Weight 145g
Female Plug Type(s)

Plug types accepted by this device.

Type A
Type C
Type G
Type I
Male Plug Type(s)

Types of outlet this device can be plugged into.

Type A
Type C
Type G
Type I
Converts Voltage No

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