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SolarFocus Solar Battery Bank

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$45.00 CAD


SolarFocus Solar Battery Bank

Product Number: 5021-644
Made in Taiwan

Weight: 35g

A piggy-bank of portable power that lets you re-juice camera or phone batteries, or anything that runs on two AA batteries. Charge with solar panels (sold separately) or through a USB connection. Then use the batteries or connect them to the adaptors to transfer power to your phone or digital camera battery. (In a pinch, you can also load regular, non-rechargeable alkaline batteries into the bank and drain those to recharge your toys.)

  • Two AA NiMH batteries. (Same battery bank as with the SolarFocus Solar Duo.)
  • USB cable.
  • Adaptors for Nokia, Nintendo DS lite, Sony PSP, and Mini/Micro USB (Moto, V#, V8, Blackberry) phones.
  • Battery adaptor clip that connects to most 3.6 or 3.7V lithium-ion digital camera batteries.
  • Input is USB DC 5.0V; 500mA.
  • Output is 5V or 6V (Boost), 1A or 800mA (max).
  • Dimensions are 100 x 48 x 19mm.

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