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MEC Logic Sunglass Lens

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MEC Logic Sunglass Lens

Product Number: 5022-408
Made in China

Weight: 30g

Optional lenses for MEC™ Logic Sunglasses.

  • Yellow lens provides maximum contrast for foggy, dim, or high-speed days. Has 0.86% blue light, 85% visible light transmission.
  • Clear lens provides an option for night use. It also fully blocks UV. Has 1% blue light, 93.2% visible light transmission.
  • Rose lens enhances contrast and removes glare in bright or overcast conditions. Has 4.3% blue light and 45.6% visible light transmission.
  • Brown lens has 13.6% visible light transmission for heightened contrast in bright conditions.
Weight 30g
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Lens Performance

Fixed tints provide a constant degree of darkness. Photochromic lenses adjust to changing light levels. Polarized lenses absorb horizontal reflected glare to improve clarity around surfaces like snow or water.

Fixed Tint
100% UVA Protected Yes
100% UVB Protected Yes

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