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Cactus Creek Dual Electrical Converter Kit

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Cactus Creek Dual Electrical Converter Kit

Product Number: 5024-154
Made in China

Weight: 465g

Keep your gadgets going across the globe with this compact kit that both converts voltage and adapts to different wall plugs.

  • Includes the four most commonly used adapter plugs: 3 pins (Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland and parts of Great Britain), 2 round pins (Europe and Asia, Middle East, Caribbean and parts of Africa), 2 flat angled blades (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and China) 2 flat parallel blades (North and South America, Caribbean, Taiwan, Philippians, and Japan).
  • Converts 220-volt to 110-volt so you can use North American 110-volt products in other places.
  • Low setting 0-50 watts. High setting 50-1500 watts.
  • Built-in breaker shuts adapter off if overloaded.
  • Includes travel pouch.

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