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Garmin HomePort Micro SD/SD Card

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$35.00 CAD


Garmin HomePort Micro SD/SD Card

Product Number: 5024-600
Made in USA

Weight: 4g

This bit of software works with compatible Garmin GPS units to view BlueChart g2 charts on your PC. Once installed, it allows you to take the BlueChart g2 microSD card from your unit, put it into an SD card adapter, and into your computer's card reader. From there you can view the charts, plan your trip, and enter waypoints, routes, and tracks. Once finished, save your data to the card, put it back into your handheld device to take with you. You can also just plug your GPS unit directly into your PC and it will read the card that way as well.

  • Displays both fishing and navigational charts from BlueChart g2 Vision.
  • Allows user to measure distance and bearing on the charts.
  • Displays route/track depth profile.
  • Converts tracks into point-to-point routes (track to route conversion) and specifies the speed for each leg of the route.
  • Provides ETA and arrival times (for each leg) when you create routes.
  • Shows animated playback of data collected on device.
  • Exports selected data to Google Earth.
  • Displays statistics and graphical information about tide stations, tidal streams and currents. (Note: We recommend referencing tide and current information from official Fisheries and Oceans Canada publications.)
  • Displays celestial information such as sunrise, sunset and moon phase.
  • Note that HomePort does not include any map data. It is an enabler. BlueChart g2 Canada covers all of Canada's east and west Coasts as well as the Great Lakes region.

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