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Climb On! Mini Bar 0.5oz.

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Climb On! Mini Bar 0.5oz.

Product Number: 5028-109
Made in USA

Weight: 30g

Essential for any extended climbing trip where you might end up with burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, cracked cuticles and heels, tissue nose, road rash, diaper rash, abrasions, poison ivy, and assorted gobies and flappers. The Mini Bar is completely pure (chemical free), ointment which takes on skin issues that need deep moisturizing and nourishing. Simply pack it into the wound and it protects, keeps wounds moist and helps them heal while you pull down or take a much needed rest day.

  • Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, yellow beeswax, wheatgerm oil, tocopherol (vitamin E.) and a blend of pure essential oils.
  • Contains 141.8g.

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