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Rottefella NTN Freeride Telemark Binding (Unisex)

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Rottefella NTN Freeride Telemark Binding (Unisex)

Product Number: 5028-648
Made in Norway

Weight: 2.1kg (Large, Medium)

All the simplicity and security of an alpine binding with the all the beauty of a free-heel setup. The NTN Freeride lets you take full advantage of new school skis for touring. The offer unparalleled edge control to deal with variable snow conditions and access your skis' potential for aggressive turns on steep groomed runs.

  • Lateral release function.
  • Flex-plate stays in contact with the boot through the whole turn.
  • Binding can be swapped among skis that use have a mounting plate and heel.
  • Solid lateral stability, good edge control and adjustable forward flex.
  • Heel lifts is 50mm.
  • Small fits 22.5 to 26.0 mondo point boot sizes. Large fits 26.5 to 30.0.
Weight 2.1kg (Large, Medium)
Included Brake 110mm
Maximum Brake Size 125mm

With a 75mm boot and binding system, the duckbill at the front of the boot is held in place by the tension of the cable that wraps around the back of the boot's heel.

Brake Compatible Yes
Crampon Compatible No
Heel Lift Compatible Yes

New Telemark Norm (NTN) boot and binding system compatible.


Releasable bindings allow the boot to release from the ski in the event of a fall or the skier being caught in a dangerous situation such as a slide.


With a three-pin boot and binding system there are three holes on the duckbill at the front of the boot that slot onto three vertical pins on the toe piece of the binding. A sturdy clamp then secures the boot onto the plate and the pins.

Touring Mode

For skinning up and travelling across flat terrain, touring mode releases the tension in the cable to allow for easier walking action.


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